About Us

Who we are…

Hello, my name is David Todd.  Grace, Faith & Hope is the expression of my new life given to me six years ago when events in my life turned it completely upside down and God was brought back into my life. Perhaps a better way to put it would be to say that I was dragged kicking and screaming back into His.   In summary my entire life was lived for all the wrong reasons; it was full of fear, shame and isolation. In the last six years my life has become full of Grace, Faith and finally Hope that I can live this life, be loved and love others.  There is a lot to this story and in the coming future I will it with you all.

As I came to believe, I want to show others that God is in the smallest details of your life.  For many people Grace is a foreign concept. It certainly was for me.  Early in this new relationship with Him, I could only pray for Him to “to help me with my disbelief.” As time passed things began to change in me and my life.    I must admit I did not see it initially.  I think I finally realized that something was happening to me on the way home from sharing my story with a group of folks when I realized that I had done something previously impossible in my life.  I realized that Grace had always been there and finally started to believe in it. The realization of the previously unseen Grace in my life was the beginning of my faith.  I learned to trust God with nearly everything.

I have come to believe in the work of the Father and the Holy Spirit of my life.  I acknowledge the forgiveness of sins through the sacrifice of the Jesus, but I still did not understand that sacrifice fully until it struck me.    I finally got it.  Christ had not died just to guarantee my place in Heaven.  He died so that I could be reborn in this place and have a chance at a life right here, right now.  That is what had happened to me and this is my Hope.

What we do…

Grace, Faith & Hope is meant to bring a little bit of His Grace into people’s lives.  This name is a reflection of my (and my family’s) story in our return to our Father and Savior.  We had God’s Grace in our lives through the help and support of others during a very dark time in our lives.  Faith came when we realized God’s Grace was indeed present.  Faith grew into the Hope of a new life built that only Christ can bring.  Karl Jung, a contemporary of Sigmund Freud wrote that, “Whether invoked or not, whether called upon or not, God is present.”  This is what we want people to realize and have faith and hope in.

So many times people are really trying to make a go at life.  They are trying to take care of themselves and their families.  It seems that things slip through the cracks financially.  Sometimes people need a lot of help.  However and more often than not, person or family may just need a little bit of help to fill in the gaps or get over a hump. Grace, Faith & Hope is meant to help fill in those gaps.  This financial help would come to those in need without their asking or applying for it.  The idea is to show them that God’s Grace is indeed in their lives and He knows and cares about their situation.  It is my hope and prayer that this would produce a similar result that God’s Grace did in my life and lead to Faith and Hope.

Recipients would be individuals or families trying to fill in the gaps in seeking a higher education like purchasing supplies, books or simply money for travel expenses.  Other young people will receive help to get to summer camp or mission trips.

Finally, (and the part I am most excited about) there will be people in the community who are trusted to help people on the spot and unexpectedly as they see the need.  Examples  could be helping someone that is trying to put their life back together in recovery, recently lost a job or are at a low point in their lives might need a little assistance to pay for groceries or a utility bill.   This fund is not meant to provide comprehensive help such as housing or major bills